Building something great requires a great place to build. No need to travel through a wormhole to find the ultimate work and thinkspace—it’s already here. The Incustation® serves as an all-in-one space for students, professionals, or any explorer of the cosmos to craft the perfect project or helm that big meeting. Aside from privacy, Incustation® options include a meeting table, luxurious surroundings, complimentary snacks and beverages, and other amenities that make it the ultimate space for concentration, creativity, and productivity. Explore Mothership options in your geographic area now.



Every daring mission starts with a lift-off. Catapod™ is our answer to the traditional “quiet room” workspace model. More than a noise-free place to get work done, it serves as the perfect accelerator for daring dreams and monumental missions. Aside from a spacious, discreet, and quiet place to concentrate and plan and execute the launch of your projects, every catapod offers functionality to co-create with colleagues in an organized, professional, and well-furnished environment. Cata Podders also enjoy the full suite of Mothership services.


Some missions are strictly solo. The Mothership Workstation offers the same furnishings, features, and functionality of our larger insulated workspaces, but our Workstation is ideal for individuals needing a not-so-little corner all to themselves. Like our larger workspaces, every Workstation enjoys access to the full suite of Mothership services at one of our brick-and-mortar or partner locations.


space chair

An ultra-unique workspace like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced, the Spacechair is the ultimate get-everything-done-while-having-fun workstation. Aside from offering a super-comfortable seat to handle projects, it allows users to access productivity exercises, brain training, arcade and virtual reality programs. Spacechair users can work hard and play hard—even simultaneously, should they choose to do so, either from one of our physical locations equipped with chairs, or from the comfort of their home or office. Just log in, train and play.

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