Comprised of Creative Counter® where all of our creative services can be booked such as Marketing, Branding, Writing, Design, Web/Digital and Production, and Business Bar® where all of our Professional services can be booked such as Accounting, Law, Executive and Assistant Support staff, Business Plans and Financial Projections.

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Forget the library or your home office. If you truly want to super-charge your creativity and productivity, you need the most advanced workspaces in the world. Lucky for you, they’re waiting for you, here at Mothership. Our cutting-edge workspaces are built with you in mind, ensuring you have the very best space imaginable to think up that next great novel or crush that final project during crunchtime. Make a splash at the next big board-meeting by hosting it at our Incustation, or game and grind at high-speed in our proprietary Space Chair. Need a space to work on a killer go to market strategy? Book one of our Launchpods or take time to yourself in a solo workstation. The choice is yours.

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Pod/Station 2.0 offers access to our one-of-a-kind CTALK and exclusive Audio/Visual services. From mentorship and advice from world-renowned business experts and C-level execs and the latest-and-greatest audio/visual equipment, Pod/Station 2.0 enables Mothership users to improve and enhance their knowledge, while providing them the necessary resources to engage with the world in the most captivating and inspiring ways imaginable.

Choose your level of brightness: Rising Star, Giant, Supergiant, Hypergiant, Superstar

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Superspede is print, ship, and copy for those partaking in the most daring of missions-all delivered at the speed of light. Mothership’s proprietary printing, shipping, and copying service is your ad hoc solution to any and all print, ship and copy needs. Looking for a signed and sealed courier service? Choose Superspede. Want expedited shipping for documents, materials, or other critical deliverables? Yep, Superspede can tackle that, too. Skip a trip to that big box print and copy store and head to Mothership. With competitive pricing and the very best in premium service and results, Mothership is the future of printing, shipping, and copying, available now. Use our proprietary shipping services to send whatever, whenever, wherever. Mothership offers our Superspede to remote and in-person customers, ensuring that no matter the logistical need or challenge, Mothership can help you conquer it expediently and with unparalleled excellence.

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Looking for the perfect space to host a public speaking event, seminar, or presentation? Book Astro Theatre, a spacious, futuristic auditorium that includes multiple rows of comfortable seating, microphones, and presentation equipment to give you the tools to communicate your message. More than the ultimate presentation space, Astro Theatre is also home to exclusive Mothership Events and home to Motherclass, Mothership Media and Mothership® Streaming Content—to learn more, explore our premier membership options.

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All Mothership talent has been highly vetted and sourced to make sure that you have exclusive access to the highest quality talent in the universe. We have done the work, so you don’t have to. Go from idea to execution, with no posting jobs or vetting needing to be done yourself, no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, and no slowdowns or roadblocks. We're here on earth to make hiring and working with Freelancers and Consultants easy.

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